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  • Allergy testing for 295 different allergen extracts and components
  • Comprehensive and accurate allergy testing kit
  • Only 0.5ml blood required
  • Quick turnaround within 2-3 days of receiving your sample.
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We are happy to make the ALEX2 allergy test now available to customers who want to take an allergy test anywhere in the UK.

The cost for the ALEX2 test is £295. This includes two-way shipping of the kit to you, and for you to then ship the blood sample to our lab.

Within 2-3 working days you will receive a comprehensive report from the lab that will show you your allergy status to each of the allergens tested.

See below for the allergens included in the test.

Please note that the pricing does not include a consultation with an allergist to discuss the results. A consultation with our allergist costs  £230 and can be done over the telephone or face-to-face if you would like further clarification or to discuss the results. Alternatively, you could also discuss the report with your GP.

Unlike conventional allergy testing, you do not need to stop your antihistamine or steroid tablets before taking this test.

Allergy Consultation

In order to fully understand the implications of your results, we recommend that you also book an allergy consultation with us after receiving your results. This can be over the telephone or face to face at our allergy testing clinic in Bournemouth.

The ALEX2 (Allergy Explorer) is an advanced in-vitro diagnostic test used for the comprehensive assessment of allergies.

The test was initially developed by Macro Array Diagnostics, ALEX2 utilises microarray technology to detect specific immunoglobulin E (IgE) antibodies in a patient’s blood sample.

This advanced technology allows for the simultaneous testing of allergies against a broad spectrum of allergen molecules.

Key Features of ALEX2 Allergy Test

Comprehensive TestingTests for over 295 allergens and 157 allergen components, including pollens, foods, moulds, and animal danders.
Component-Resolved Diagnostics (CRD)Identifies specific allergen components to distinguish between genuine sensitivities and cross-reactivities.
Small Sample RequirementRequires only a small blood sample, enhancing convenience. This means that you can take the blood sample yourself at home, and send the sample in the post straight to our lab.
UK Wide AvailabilityThe test is suitable as a first step if you are worried about a possible allergy and you cannot get to an allergy clinic near you for skin prick testing.
High Precision and ReproducibilityUtilises microarray technology to provide precise and reliable results.


Allergens tested by ALEX2

Grass Pollen Allergens and Components

Common NameScientific NameComponent
Bahia grassPaspalum notatum
Bermuda grassCynodon dactylon
Bermuda grassCynodon dactylonrCyn d 1 Beta-Expansin
Common reedPhragmites communis
Perennial ryegrassLolium perennenLol p 1 Beta-Expansin
RyeSecale cereale
TimothyPhleum pratenserPhl p 1 Beta-Expansin
TimothyPhleum pratenserPhl p 2 Expansin
TimothyPhleum pratenserPhl p 5.0101 grass Group 5/6
TimothyPhleum pratenserPhl p 6 grass Group 5/6
TimothyPhleum pratenserPhl p 7 Polcalcin
TimothyPhleum pratenserPhl p 12 Profilin


Tree Pollen Allergens

Common NameScientific NameComponent
AcaciaAcacia mimosa
AlderAlnus glutinosarAln g 1 PR-10
AlderAlnus glutinosarAln g 4 Polcalcin
Arizona cypressCupressus arizonicanCup a 1 Pectate Lyase
AshFraxinus excelsior
AshFraxinus excelsiorrFra e 1 Ole e 1-Family
BeechFagus sylvaticarFag s 1 PR-10
CottonwoodPopulus nigra
CypressCupressus sempervirens
Date palmPhoenix dactyliferanPho d 2 Profilin
ElmUlmus campestris
HazelCorylus avellana
HazelCorylus avellanarCor a 1.0103 PR-10
London plane treePlatanus acerifoliarPla a 1 Plant Invertase
London plane treePlatanus acerifolianPla a 2 Polygalacturonase
London plane treePlatanus acerifoliarPla a 3 nsLTP
Mountain cedarJuniperus ashei
Mulberry treeMorus rubra
OliveOlea EuropaeanOle e 1 Ole e 1-Family
OliveOlea EuropaearOle e 9 1,3 β Glucanase
Paper mulberryBroussonetia papyrifera
Silver birchBetula verrucosarBet v 1 PR-10
Silver birchBetula verrucosarBet v 2 Profilin
Silver birchBetula verrucosarBet v 6 Isoflavon Reductase
SugiCryptomeria japonicarCry j 1 Pectate Lyase
Tree of heavenAilanthus altissima
WalnutJuglans regia


Weed Pollen Allergens

Common NameScientific NameComponent
Annual mercuryMercurialis annuarMer a 1 Profilin
Hemp (CBD)Cannabis sativa
HempCannabis sativarCan s 3 nsLTP
Lamb’s quarterChenopodium album
Lamb’s quarterChenopodium albumrChe a 1 Ole e 1-Family
MugwortArtemisia vulgaris
MugwortArtemisia vulgarisrArt v 1.0101 Plant Defensin
MugwortArtemisia vulgarisrArt v 3.0201 nsLTP
NettleUrtica dioica
PigweedAmaranthus retroflexus
RagweedAmbrosia artemisiifolia
RagweedAmbrosia artemisiifoliarAmb a 1 Pectate Lyase
RagweedAmbrosia artemisiifoliarAmb a 4 Plant Defensin
RibwortPlantago lanceolata
RibwortPlantago lanceolatarPla l 1 Ole e 1-Family
Russian thistleSalsola kali
Russian thistleSalsola kalirSal k 1 Pectin Methylesterase
Wall pellitoryParietaria judaica
Wall pellitoryParietaria judaicarPar j 2 nsLTP

Animal Dander and Epithelia

Common NameScientific NameComponent
CatFelis domesticusrFel d 1 Uteroglobin
CatFelis domesticusnFel d 2 Serum Albumin
CatFelis domesticusrFel d 4 Lipocalin
CatFelis domesticusrFel d 7 Lipocalin
CattleBos domesticusrBos d 2 Lipocalin
Djungarian hamsterPhodopus sungorusrPhod s 1 Lipocalin
DogCanis familiarisrCan f 1 Lipocalin
DogCanis familiarisrCan f 2 Lipocalin
DogCanis familiarisnCan f 3 Serum Albumin
DogCanis familiarisrCan f 4 Lipocalin
Dog, male urine (incl. Can f 5)Canis familiaris
DogCanis familiarisrCan f 6 Lipocalin
DogCanis familiarisrCan f Fel d 1 like Uteroglobin
GoatCapra hircus
Guinea pigCavia porcellusrCav p 1 Lipocalin
HorseEquus caballusrEqu c 1 Lipocalin
HorseEquus caballusnEqu c 3 Serum Albumin
HorseEquus caballusrEqu c 4 Latherin
MouseMus musculusnMus m 1 Lipocalin
PigSus domesticus
RabbitOryctolagus cuniculusrOry c 1 Lipocalin
RabbitOryctolagus cuniculusrOry c 2 Lipophilin
RabbitOryctolagus cuniculusrOry c 3 Uteroglobin
RatRattus norvegicus
SheepOvis aries

Mites and Cockroach Allergens

Common NameScientific NameComponent
Acarus siroAcarus siro
American cockroachPeriplaneta americana
American cockroachPeriplaneta americanarPer a 7 Tropomyosin
American house dust miteDermatophagoides farinaerDer f 1 Cysteine Protease
American house dust miteDermatophagoides farinaerDer f 2 NPC2 Family
Blomia tropicalisBlomia tropicalisrBlo t 5 Mite, Group 5
Blomia tropicalisBlomia tropicalisrBlo t 10 Tropomyosin
Blomia tropicalisBlomia tropicalisrBlo t 21 unknown
European house dust miteDermatophagoides pteronyssinusrDer p 1 Cysteine Protease
European house dust miteDermatophagoides pteronyssinusrDer p 2 NPC2 Family
European house dust miteDermatophagoides pteronyssinusrDer p 5 unknown
European house dust miteDermatophagoides pteronyssinusrDer p 7 Mite Group 7
European house dust miteDermatophagoides pteronyssinusrDer p 10 Tropomyosin
European house dust miteDermatophagoides pteronyssinusrDer p 11 Myosin, heavy chain
European house dust miteDermatophagoides pteronyssinusrDer p 20 Arginine Kinase
European house dust miteDermatophagoides pteronyssinusrDer p 21 unknown
European house dust miteDermatophagoides pteronyssinusrDer p 23 Peritrophin-like protein domain
German cockroachBlattella germanicarBla g 1 Cockroach group 1
German cockroachBlattella germanicarBla g 2 Aspartyl protease
German cockroachBlattella germanicarBla g 4 Calycin
German cockroachBlattella germanicarBla g 5 Glutathione S-transferase
German cockroachBlattella germanicarBla g 9 Arginine Kinase
Glycyphagus domesticusGlycyphagus domesticusrGly d 2 NPC2 Family
Lepidoglyphus destructorLepidoglyphus destructorrLep d 2 NPC2 Family
Tyrophagus putrescentiaeTyrophagus putrescentiae
Tyrophagus putrescentiaeTyrophagus putrescentiaerTyr p 2 NPC2 Family

Moulds and Yeast Fungi

Common NameScientific NameComponent
Alternaria alternataAlternaria alternatarAlt a 1 Alt a 1-Family
Alternaria alternataAlternaria alternatarAlt a 6 Enolase
Aspergillus fumigatusAspergillus fumigatusrAsp f 1 Mitogillin Family
Aspergillus fumigatusAspergillus fumigatusrAsp f 3 Peroxysomal Protein
Aspergillus fumigatusAspergillus fumigatusrAsp f 4 unknown
Aspergillus fumigatusAspergillus fumigatusrAsp f 6 Mn Superoxid-Dismutase
Cladosporium herbarumCladosporium herbarum
Cladosporium herbarumCladosporium herbarumrCla h 8 Short Chain Dehydrogenase
Malassezia sympodialisMalassezia sympodialisrMala s 5 unknown
Malassezia sympodialisMalassezia sympodialisrMala s 6 Cyclophilin
Malassezia sympodialisMalassezia sympodialisrMala s 11 Mn Superoxid-Dismutase
Penicillium chrysogenumPenicillium chrysogenum
Baker’s yeastSaccharomyces cerevisiae

Insect Venom

Common NameScientific NameComponent
Common wasp venomVespula vulgaris
Common wasp venomVespula vulgarisrVes v 1 Phospholipase A1
Common wasp venomVespula vulgarisrVes v 5 Antigen 5
Fire ant venomSolenopsis richteri & Solenopsis invictaSol spp.
Honey bee venomApis mellifera
Honey bee venomApis melliferanApi m 1 Phospholipase A2
Honey bee venomApis melliferarApi m 10 Icarapin Variant 2
Long-headed wasp venomDolichovespula spp.
Paper wasp venomPolistes dominulus
Paper wasp venomPolistes dominulusrPol d 5 Antigen 5

Food – Cereals and Seeds

Common NameScientific NameComponent
BarleyHordeum vulgare
BuckwheatFagopyrum esculentum
BuckwheatFagopyrum esculentumnFag e 2 2S Albumin
Corn, cerealZea mays
Corn, cerealZea maysrZea m 14 nsLTP
Cultivated ryeSecale cereale
Fenugreek seedsTrigonella foenum-graecum
MilletPanicum miliaceum
OatAvena sativa
Poppy seedPapaver somniferum
Poppy seedPapaver somniferumnPap s 2S Albumin
Pumpkin seedCucurbita pepo
QuinoaChenopodium quinoa
RiceOryza sativa
SesameSesamum indicum
SesameSesamum indicumnSes i 1 2S Albumin
SpeltTriticum spelta
Sunflower seedHelianthus annuus
WheatTriticum aestivumrTri a 14 nsLTP
WheatTriticum aestivumrTri a 19 Omega-5-Gliadin
WheatTriticum aestivumnTri a aA_TI Alpha-Amylase Trypsin-Inhibitor

Food: Egg and Milk Allergens

Common NameScientific NameComponent
Camel’s milkCamelus dromedarius
Cow’s milkBos domesticus
Cow’s milkBos domesticusnBos d 4 α-Lactalbumin
Cow’s milkBos domesticusnBos d 5 β-Lactoglobulin
Cow’s milkBos domesticusnBos d 8 Casein
Egg whiteGallus domesticus
Egg whiteGallus domesticusnGal d 1 Ovomucoid
Egg whiteGallus domesticusnGal d 2 Ovalbumin
Egg whiteGallus domesticusnGal d 3 Ovotransferrin
Egg whiteGallus domesticusnGal d 4 Lysozym C
Egg yolkGallus domesticus
Egg yolkGallus domesticusnGal d 5 Serum Albumin
Goat’s milkCapra hircus
Mare’s milkEquus caballus
Sheep’s milkOvis aries

Food: Fruits Allergens

Common NameScientific NameComponent
AppleMalus domesticarMal d 1 PR-10
AppleMalus domesticanMal d 2 TLP
AppleMalus domesticarMal d 3 nsLTP
AvocadoPersea americana
BananaMusa acuminata
BlueberryVaccinium myrtillus
CherryPrunus spp.
FigFicus carica
GrapeVitis viniferanVit v 1 nsLTP
KiwiActinidia deliciosanAct d 1 Cysteine Protease
KiwiActinidia deliciosanAct d 2 TLP
KiwiActinidia deliciosanAct d 5 Kiwellin
KiwiActinidia deliciosanAct d 10 nsLTP
MangoMangifera indica
OrangeCitrus sinensis
PapayaCarica papaya
PeachPrunus persicaPru p 3 nsLTP
PearPyrus communis
StrawberryFragaria ananassarFra a 1 + rFra a 3 PR-10+LTP


Food: Legumes Allergens

Common NameScientific NameComponent
ChickpeaCicer arietinus
Green beanPhaseolus vulgaris
LentilLens culinaris
Lupine seedLupinus albus
PeaPisum sativum
PeanutArachis hypogeanAra h 1 7/8S Globulin
PeanutArachis hypogearAra h 2 2S Albumin
PeanutArachis hypogeanAra h 3 11S Globulin
PeanutArachis hypogeanAra h 6 2S Albumin
PeanutArachis hypogearAra h 8 PR-10
PeanutArachis hypogearAra h 9 nsLTP
PeanutArachis hypogearAra h 15 Oleosin
SoyGlycine maxrGly m 4 PR-10
SoyGlycine maxrGly m 5 7/8S Globulin
SoyGlycine maxnGly m 6 11S Globulin
SoyGlycine maxnGly m 8 2S Albumin

Food: Nuts Allergens

Common NameScientific NameComponent
AlmondPrunus dulcis
Brazil nutBertholletia excelsa
Brazil nutBertholletia excelsanBer e 1 2S Albumin
CashewAnacardium occidentale
CashewAnacardium occidentalerAna o 2 11S Globulin
CashewAnacardium occidentalerAna o 3 2S Albumin
HazelnutCorylus avellanarCor a 1.0401 PR-10
HazelnutCorylus avellanarCor a 8 nsLTP
HazelnutCorylus avellananCor a 9 11S Globulin
HazelnutCorylus avellananCor a 11 7/8S Globulin
HazelnutCorylus avellananCor a 14 2S Albumin
MacadamiaMacadamia integrifolia
MacadamiaMacadamia integrifolianMac i 2S Albumin
PecanCarya illinoensis
PistachioPistacia verarPis v 1 2S Albumin
PistachioPistacia veranPis v 2 11S Globulin subunit
PistachioPistacia veranPis v 3 7/8S Globulin
WalnutJuglans regianJug r 1 2S Albumin
WalnutJuglans regianJug r 2 7/8S Globulin
WalnutJuglans regiarJug r 3 nsLTP
WalnutJuglans regianJug r 4 11S Globulin
WalnutJuglans regianJug r 6 7/8S Globulin

Foods: Meat Allergens

Common NameScientific NameComponent
BeefBos domesticus
BeefBos domesticusnBos d 6 Serum Albumin
ChickenGallus domesticus
HorseEquus caballus
House cricketAcheta domesticus
LambOvis aries
MealwormTenebrio molitor
Migratory locustLocusta migratoria
PigSus domesticus
PigSus domesticusrSus d 1 Serum Albumin
RabbitOryctolagus spp.
TurkeyMeleagris gallopavo

Foods: Fish Allergens

Common NameScientific NameComponent
Atlantic codGadus morhua
Atlantic codGadus morhuanGad m 1 β-Parvalbumin
Atlantic codGadus morhuanGad m 2&3 β-Enolase&Aldolase
Atlantic herringClupea harengus
Atlantic herringClupea harengusrClu h 1 β-Parvalbumin
Atlantic mackerelScomber scombrus
Atlantic mackerelScomber scombrusrSco s 1 β-Parvalbumin
CarpCyprinus carpiorCyp c 1 β-Parvalbumin
SalmonSalmo salar
SalmonSalmo salarrSal s 1 β-Parvalbumin
SwordfishXiphias gladiusrXip g 1 β-Parvalbumin
TunaThunnus albacares
TunaThunnus albacaresThu a 1 β-Parvalbumin

Food: Crustaceans Allergens

Common NameScientific NameComponent
Black-Tiger shrimpPenaeus monodonnPen m 1 Tropomyosin
Black-Tiger shrimpPenaeus monodonrPen m 2 Arginine Kinase
Black-Tiger shrimpPenaeus monodonrPen m 3 Myosin light chain
Black-Tiger shrimpPenaeus monodonrPen m 4 Sarcoplasmic Calcium Binding Protein
Brown shrimpCrangon crangonrCra c 6 Troponin C
CrabChionoecetes spp.
LobsterHomarus gammarus
Northern prawnPandalus borealis
Shrimp mixVarious species

Food: Other Seafood Allergens

Common NameScientific NameComponent
Anisakis simplexAnisakis simplexrAni s 1 Kunitz Serine Protease Inhibitor
Anisakis simplexAnisakis simplexrAni s 3 Tropomyosin
Common musselMytilus edulis
OysterOstrea edulis
ScallopPecten spp.
SquidLoligo spp.
Thornback rayRaja clavata
Thornback rayRaja clavatarRaj c Parvalbumin α-Parvalbumin
Venus clamRuditapes spp.

Food: Spices

Common NameScientific NameComponent
AnisePimpinella anisum
CarawayCarum carvi
MustardBrassica / Sinapis spp.
MustardBrassica / Sinapis spp.nSin a 1 2S Albumin
OreganoOriganum vulgare
PaprikaCapsicum annuum
ParsleyPetroselinum crispum

Food: Vegetables

Common NameScientific NameComponent
CarrotDaucus carota
CarrotDaucus carotarDau c 1 PR-10
CeleryApium graveolensrApi g 1 PR-10
CeleryApium graveolensrApi g 2 nsLTP
CeleryApium graveolensrApi g 6 nsLTP
GarlicAllium sativum
OnionAllium cepa
PotatoSolanum tuberosum
TomatoSolanum lycopersicum
TomatoSolanum lycopersicumnSola l 6 nsLTP

Other ALEX2 Allergy Test Allergens and Components

Common NameScientific NameComponent
Baker’s yeastSaccharomyces cerevisiae
Hom s lactoferrinrHom s LF CCD
LatexHevea brasiliensisrHev b 1 Rubber elongation factor
LatexHevea brasiliensisrHev b 3 Small rubber particle protein
LatexHevea brasiliensisrHev b 5 Unknown
LatexHevea brasiliensisrHev b 6.02 Pro-Hevein
LatexHevea brasiliensisrHev b 8 Profilin
LatexHevea brasiliensisrHev b 11 Class 1 Chitinase
Pigeon tickArgas reflexusrArg r 1 Lipocalin
Weeping figFicus benjamina


Purchase your ALEX2 Allergy Test now or contact us for more information. We may also be able to test for other allergens that are not included in the above, through a separate blood test. Please enquire if this is the case.

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