FOX Food Intolerance Test | Home Testing Kit


  • Food intolerance testing to 286 food extracts, including common allergens such as wheat gliadin and cow’s milk
  • Advanced Technology: Utilises ELISA-based multiplex assay and proprietary nano-bead technology for accurate and reliable results.
  • Only 0.5ml blood required
  • Easy to understand colour coded report – see sample report
  • Quick turnaround within 3-5 days of receiving your sample
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We are delighted to now offer the FOX Food Intolerance Test, also known as the Food Xplorer (FOX). This is an innovative advanced diagnostic tool designed to identify food sensitivities by measuring specific IgG antibodies against a wide array of food antigens.

The cost of the test is £245 and includes one way shipping to you, and for you to ship the kit and blood sample straight to our lab. You will then receive a PDF report in your email.

Please note that the price does not include a consultation with a doctor to discuss the results. A FOX telephone review consultation with our consultant allergist costs £180. This can be requested once you have received your FOX report, to discuss the results or seek further guidance. Alternatively, some GPs may also be able to discuss the results with you.

This test is ELISA-based and needs to be run in a specialised lab. From only a small amount of blood (0.2ml) collected by yourself from a finger prick, it can check for food intolerance to 286 food antigens.

The test itself evaluates IgG antibody responses to the different food antigens listed below, providing semi-quantitative results that help in understanding individual dietary sensitivities. These dietary sensitivities are thought to have links to chronic conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), migraines, and depression.

Who should get this test?

Results from the FOX Food Intolerance Test can guide personalised dietary recommendations, aiming to reduce systemic inflammation and alleviate symptoms associated with food sensitivities. According to the manufacturer, Macro Array Diagnostics, this test is particularly useful for individuals experiencing chronic symptoms that could be related to food intolerances, such as gastrointestinal issues, skin problems, headaches, and mood disturbances.

It is important to note that although the connection between high IgG levels identified by this test and chronic conditions has been described in various scientific publications, a full consensus has not been reached.

If you would like to get tested for 295 allergens, we also have the ALEX2 testing kit available. ALEX2 tests for IgE antibodies, while FOX tests for IgG antibodies.

Allergens tested by FOX (Food Explorer Test)

The FOX test will give you your IgG levels to the following foods:

Cereals & Seeds












•Lupine seed

•Malt (barley)



•Pine nut

•Polish wheat

•Poppy seed

•Pumpkin seed









•Wheat bran

•Wheat gliadin


Coffee & Tea








•Tea (black)

•Tea (green)

Edible Mushrooms




•French horn mushroom

•Oyster mushroom

•White mushroom

Egg & Milk

•Buffalo milk


•Camel milk


•Cottage cheese

•Cow milk

•Egg white

•Egg yolk


•Goat cheese

•Goat milk




•Quail egg

•Sheep cheese

•Sheep milk

Fish & Seafood


•Atlantic cod

•Atlantic herring

•Atlantic redfish




•Common mussel



•European anchovy

•European pilchard

•European plaice

•Gilt-head bream






•Noble crayfish

•Northern pike

•Northern prawn



•Razor shell




•Shrimp mix




•Thornback Ray




•Venus clam

























•Passion fruit









•Red currant





•Green bean


•Mung bean




•Sugar pea


•White bean
















Novel Foods

•Almond milk




•Chia seed


•Dandelion root



•Greater burdock root


•House cricket

•Maca root


•Migratory locust


•Safflower oil




•Yacón root



•Brazil nut



•Coconut milk


•Kola nut


•Pecan nut


•Sweet chestnut






•Bay leaf



•Cayenne pepper

•Chili (red)









•Juniper berry









•Pepper (black/white/green/red/yellow)











•Bamboo sprouts


•Brussels sprouts





•Celery bulb

•Celery stalk



•Chinese cabbage





•Fennel (bulb)


•Green cabbage




•Lamb’s lettuce


•Nettle leaves






•Pumpkin (butternut)

•Pumpkin (hokkaido)



•Red beet

•Red cabbage





•Sweet potato




•White asparagus

•White cabbage

•Wild garlic



•Agar agar

•Aspergillus niger

•Baker’s yeast

•Brewer’s yeast




•M-Transglutaminase, meat glue

•Cane sugar

•Cross-reactive Carbohydrate Determinants

Purchase your FOX Food Intolerance Test today or contact us for more information. If you would like to check your IgE levels to rule out an allergic reaction to various allergens instead, you may wish to check out our ALEX2 test.

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